Maintaining Healthy Kidneys

Our kidneys are crucial in helping our bodies stay healthy and strong. Our kidneys serve as part of the urinary system, which helps remove waste and filter your body of toxins. Without healthy kidneys, your body suffers dire consequences. Taking care of our kidneys as we age is essential to having a long and healthy …

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The Importance of Healthy Veins

Maintaining proper circulation is one of the major keys to having a fully functional, healthy body. At the Vascular Institute of Virginia, we understand how important veins are to your circulation, and overall health. Good circulation ensures that your body gets both the nutrients and oxygen it needs to keep your organs thriving. As you …

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The 4 Types of Dialysis Access

Kidney failure is a serious medical condition causing a person to rely on a procedure called dialysis. Dialysis involves using a machine to remove waste from your blood. Before starting your dialysis treatment, you need to have dialysis access placed. There are four different dialysis access types.  Central Venous Catheter The central venous catheter is …

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What Varicose Vein Treatment Options Are Available?

If you are suffering from varicose veins, you are not alone! Varicose veins are common, and not usually medically threatening. They can, however, cause discomfort. Fortunately, there are several treatment options available to you. What Are Varicose Veins? Varicose veins occur when the blood pressure in the veins increases. The increased pressure causes the veins …

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