What You Can Learn From Vascular Imaging

Your veins are a catalyst for ensuring every part of your body receives the nutrients. Vein health is critical to your total wellness, and understanding how well they’re functioning can make a difference in your health. Vascular imaging is a tool many health professionals utilize to help patients keep up with their vein health, and …

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How the Cold Effects Your Circulation

As the temperature drops, many people seek ways to protect themselves from the elements this winter. While you may not realize it, you must still protect your vein health during the cold weather months. A little-known fact about vein health is that rapidly falling temperatures can affect your circulation. Taking the necessary precautions this winter …

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Protecting Your GI Health During The Holidays

The holiday season offers many delicious foods that many people look forward to. Those who suffer from gastrointestinal issues must be especially careful throughout the holidays to avoid dealing with significant problems. With a calculated plan and monitoring of your diet, you can ensure that you enjoy all that the holiday season offers. Here are …

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Is It Time For Your IVC To Be Removed?

An IVC filter can be a life-saving tool. The prospect of a blood clot going to your lungs is highly threatening, and an IVC filter makes it possible to keep blood clots from becoming a severe problem. However, there are some signs to look for that could indicate that it’s time to remove your IVC. …

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Tools To Help Your Lung Health

Healthy lung function is crucial to having a high-quality life. Enjoying all life has to offer when your lung function is compromised can be challenging. Medications can help address some symptoms, but there are instances where it takes a little more to help your lungs. If you’re concerned about your lung function, here are some …

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Maintaining Healthy Kidneys

Our kidneys are crucial in helping our bodies stay healthy and strong. Our kidneys serve as part of the urinary system, which helps remove waste and filter your body of toxins. Without healthy kidneys, your body suffers dire consequences. Taking care of our kidneys as we age is essential to having a long and healthy …

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