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The Metropolitan Vascular Institute (MVI) is a newly-built facility focused on minimally invasive treatments. At MVI, our mission is to provide world-class care in a convenient outpatient setting.

Varicose Vein Treatment

An estimated 40 percent of people in the United States have chronic venous insufficiency. Venous insufficiency can present itself as a spider or varicose veins and may be a sign of significant underlying venous disease. Venous insufficiency can be the result of heredity, age, gender, weight, history of deep vein thrombosis (blood clots), multiple pregnancies, inactivity and occupations that require prolonged sitting or standing.


Peripheral Arterial Disease is a disorder that affects the arteries outside of the heart and brain. According to the American Heart Association, controllable risk factors for PAD include cigarette smoking, obesity, diabetes mellitus, physical inactivity, high blood cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

Some insurance companies do cover treatment. Our in-office insurance coordinator will verify your insurance coverage, on your behalf, prior to your treatment.

Examine your access daily to ensure there is a thrill and keep the site clean. Wash skin daily with soap and water. Avoid sleeping on your access arm, carrying heavy objects and checking blood pressure on your access arm.

Keep the site clean and dry. Dressing changes will be done at the dialysis center. Plan on transitioning to a fistula or a graft as soon as possible.

Same or next day appointments are available.

No. We will give you sedation to ensure that you are comfortable throughout your procedure. Please be sure not to eat or drink anything on the day of your procedure so that we can administer sedation.

Depending on the type of procedure, patients generally recover within 30 minutes-2 hours and are able to be discharged.

PAE, which can be performed under light anesthesia, involves a treatment called embolization, which entails temporarily blocking blood flow to the arteries that supply the prostate.


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