Mind Your Health: Exploring Gastrointestinal Services in Waldorf

Health,Issues,Problems.young,Caucasian,Woman,Suffering,From,Stomach,Pain,,Feeling Gastrointestinal diseases and related symptoms can make your life very uncomfortable. At Metropolitan Vascular Institute, we treat several gastrointestinal diseases and can provide relief from many symptoms. Some of the gastrointestinal services we offer include paracentesis, percutaneous gastrostomy tube placement and changes, tunneled peritoneal catheter placement and removal, and cholecystostomy tube placement and changes.

Getting a Diagnosis for Your Gastrointestinal Issue

When you come in for an initial consultation for your gastrointestinal health, our board-certified doctors will go over your symptoms, ask questions about your pain—including when it began—and take your medical history. Your answers, in addition to tests, can help us diagnose your problem and recommend treatment to ease your discomfort and treat the issue.

In most cases, we can schedule you for the same day or the next day so we can help you address your symptoms as quickly as possible.

Some of the Treatments We Provide

Our board-certified surgeons and doctors provide gastrointestinal services for most gastrointestinal issues. Some of the treatments we offer include:

  • Paracentesis: This procedure removes fluid from your abdomen through a needle. In many cases, a gastrointestinal issue may cause fluid buildup, which creates painful pressure in your abdomen. The fluid (ascites) can seep out of your organs and gather in your abdomen if you have a gastrointestinal disease. Once we remove the fluid, we can analyze it to find out what is wrong. You can have this procedure done as often as you need it to relieve the pressure in your abdomen.
  • Tunneled Peritoneal Catheter (Placement or Removal): Instead of coming into the office for repeated paracentesis, we can insert a peritoneal catheter to drain the fluid that consistently builds up in your abdomen. Generally, patients who have liver disease or metastatic cancer benefit from this procedure.
  • Percutaneous Gastrostomy Tube (Placement or Replacements): When you can’t swallow because of a stroke or other reasons, you need another way to obtain nutrients. A percutaneous gastrostomy tube is inserted in an opening in your abdominal wall and into your stomach so you can obtain nutrients. This tube can be permanent or temporary, depending on the reason you need it.

Where to Find Gastrointestinal Services in Waldorf, MD

Metropolitan Vascular Institute serves Waldorf and the surrounding areas in Maryland. To find out more about the gastrointestinal services we offer, speak with a board-certified surgeon at Metropolitan Vascular Institute. To schedule a consultation, please call 301-374-8540.

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