What can be done until a patient receives a kidney transplant?

istock 464666686 Your kidneys work hard to keep your blood clean and free from waste and toxins. In fact, they produce urine, which eliminates these toxins out of the body. When a patient has kidney failure or other type of kidney condition, their body may not be able to perform this anymore. This can be life-threatening without a diagnosis and treatment. For many patients, treatment is that of dialysis until they are the recipient of a kidney donation. 

What is dialysis? 

Dialysis is a treatment that is done to remove the wastes and toxins for the body when the kidney or kidneys cannot. It uses a special machine that pumps dialysis solution to performed what the kidneys are no longer able to perform. Patients will have dialysis performed several times a week for several hours to keep their body healthy. It is recommended until a patient gets a kidney transplant. 

What do I do while I wait for a kidney transplant? 

Waiting is the hardest part. There are only so many donations, and due to the way the kidney works, matching a kidney donation to a patient can be a long and difficult process. During this time, many patients deal with a range of emotions. They may be scared about not getting a kidney before their renal failure becomes more severe. They may struggle with the uncertainty of when they will get a kidney and how their life will change afterwards. All of this is completely normal, especially the emotions that come with a kidney failure diagnosis. Learning about what to do in the meantime can help ease the process. Speaking to the doctor about your needs and how long dialysis is required can give you the bigger picture of your journey. Patients can reduce stress and anxiety through medication, staying active and healthy, and with the help of support groups and talking with others who have been in your shoes.

Contact the Metropolitan Vascular Institute 

Patients experiencing kidney conditions or those who are seeking a new dialysis center are encouraged to call the Metropolitan Vascular Institute to learn more about all we have to offer for new patients. Our facility is located at 3015 Technology Place, Suite #100 in Waldorf, MD and can be reached by phone at (301) 374-8540.

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