What is hemodialysis?

istock 1263617370 1 The kidneys have a special function in the body. They are most well-known for helping product urine. However, they also help in filtering the blood, reducing waste and toxins. When a patient has kidney disease or kidney failure, their bodies may not be able to function as needed and may face life-threatening consequences. This is when a doctor will recommend dialysis, a special treatment that is performed to cleans the blood when the kidneys cannot. One type of dialysis offered at Metropolitan Vascular Institute is that of hemodialysis.

What is hemodialysis? 

The doctors at Metropolitan Vascular Institute describe hemodialysis as a method of filtering waste, removing extra fluid from the body, and balancing one’s electrolytes. It is performed by using a specialized machine that is connected to either a vascular access or central venous catheter that the patient already has in place. The machine pumps blood to keep the blood flowing while using dialysate, a special dialysis solution, that helps in cleaning the blood and returning it back to the body. The machine essentially acts as an artificial kidney, picking up the slack of the impacted kidney or kidneys that cannot function on their own and keep the patient healthy. Patients who are on hemodialysis may have to have dialysis several times a week for several hours to keep their body healthy. Many patient use dialysis until they are able to receive a kidney transplant. The treatment may be given during the day or, in some instances, patients may choose nocturnal hemodialysis, which occurs while they sleep during the night. 

Find out more about hemodialysis 

Patients in the area of Walldorf, MD who are faced with choosing dialysis often have a variety of questions to ask their doctor. At Metropolitan Vascular Institute, we work routinely with men and women who want to discuss the choices they have and learn more about what they can expect during the process. If you are interested in hemodialysis or are still learning about your options, call (301) 374-8540 to request a consultation. We are dedicated to helping patients in our state-of-the-art facility at 3015 Technology Place, Suite #100.

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