Super Simple Tips for Preventing Hemorrhoids

hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids are no fun to deal with—ask anyone who’s ever had to. Affecting about 1 in 20 Americans at any given time, they are thankfully not an immensely serious condition and are certainly not a life-threatening one. However, this certainly can be a nuisance, regardless of the fact that hemorrhoid treatment is readily available.

For this blog, there’s no need to get into the more unsavory details of experiencing hemorrhoids. So, instead, here are a few ways that you can help your body avoid hemorrhoids altogether:

Adjust Your Usual Diet

Firstly, a few simple shifts in your diet can do wonders for your body regarding hemorrhoid prevention. Including more high-fiber foods into your typical eating habits will help to soften your stool, making it far easier for your body to pass comfortably without excessive strain. It is often the strain of challenging trips to the bathroom that can lead to or exacerbate hemorrhoids.

Stay Well Hydrated

In the same vein, ensuring that you are keeping yourself well-hydrated throughout the day can work to the same effect. Proper hydration will help keep stool soft and give your body the fluid it needs to make the digestive process easier. Ensuring that you have about six to eight full glasses of water is the trick.

Exercise More Often

Though not always applicable, especially for those who are active and still experience hemorrhoids from time to time, exercising can sometimes help the body as well. This is because:

  • Physical activity helps against constipation and blood pressure
  • Excess weight can make hemorrhoids far more common

It will also help with this blog’s last tip for preventing hemorrhoids.

Avoiding Sitting for Long Periods

Finally, the simplest thing you can do is to avoid sitting for excessively long periods of time. So, if you work a job that keeps you at your desk for most of the day, consider standing and stretching a little bit every hour so you don’t find yourself in need of hemorrhoid treatment.

Find Hemorrhoid Treatment in Metropolitan Vascular Institute

If you’re in need of fast and effective hemorrhoid treatment, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Metropolitan Vascular Institute today at 301-374-8540. Staffed by a friendly team of industry-leading doctors, their office serves both Waldorf, MA and its surrounding communities.

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