Can Winter Worsen Varicose Veins?

lady bathrobe in winter country house long tanned bare legs 300x200 1 Although February is the shortest month of the year, it still falls in the middle of winter. Less sunlight and cold temperatures make it less than desirable to go outside. While those with varicose veins may be pleased to have an extra incentive to hide their legs, the frigid weather may worsen the vein health issue. Cold weather can significantly affect your vein health, and taking action is crucial to avoid long-term damage.

Here are a few ways that the cold can impact varicose veins and what you can do about it.

Less Exercise

Most people have an aversion to staying outside for too long when temperatures fall. While staying indoors during the winter is understandable, it can be a catalyst in varicose veins worsening. Many cases of varicose veins present themselves from a sedentary lifestyle. Maintaining healthy levels of physical activity is essential to the health of your circulatory system. If you’re indoors a lot, there is a significant chance that you aren’t exercising as you should, which can worsen varicose veins. If you think that your varicose veins have gotten worse during the winter, examine your exercise habits and make the necessary adjustments to help with the problem.

Changes In Atmospheric Pressure

The winter can bring many changes in weather patterns. As this happens, changes in atmospheric pressure can follow. Atmospheric pressure changes can have an impact on your circulation, making your legs feel heavy, a common symptom of varicose veins. Although there is little you can do about changes in weather patterns and their effects on your circulation, maintaining an exercise regimen can help with your circulation.

Caring For Varicose Veins in Winter

There are many ways you can adjust your care regimen to get through the winter. Again, stimulating your circulation through exercise can help reduce the prominence of varicose veins. Also, wearing compression garments, elevating your legs, and limiting long durations of standing or sitting can help with symptoms.

However, there are some instances where traditional methods aren’t enough. That’s where the Metropolitain Vascular Institute comes in. We can provide you with many ground-breaking treatments to help with your vascular health. For more on what options may be best for you, please schedule a consultation with our office by calling us today at (301) 374-8540.

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