How the Cold Effects Your Circulation

Female jogging in winter forest wearing warm sporty clothing and gloves. As the temperature drops, many people seek ways to protect themselves from the elements this winter. While you may not realize it, you must still protect your vein health during the cold weather months. A little-known fact about vein health is that rapidly falling temperatures can affect your circulation. Taking the necessary precautions this winter can help your long-term vein health and help give you some relief from compromised vein symptoms.

Here are some things you can try to help keep your veins in good shape despite cold weather.

Stay Active

Cold weather can decrease your desire to exercise, but doing so is crucial to protecting your vein health. A sedentary lifestyle can be troublesome to those who deal with venous insufficiency and can worsen the discomfort that compromised veins brings. Staying active can help ensure that blood flow continues to function adequately throughout your body because it does not become stagnant. Staying active can help your body efficiently move oxygen, vitamins, and essential nutrients through your body to help you remain strong and healthy. Although the temperature may not be kind, find ways to stay physically active to help maintain your vein health.

Watch Your Diet

Eating healthy can be challenging during the wintertime. The cold weather may tempt you to choose less healthy food options out of convenience, but avoiding unhealthy foods can help protect your veins. For instance, a diet high in salt and fat can cause plaque to build up, making your heart work harder to move nutrients throughout your body and leading to a host of issues. 

Wear Comfortable Clothing

The clothes you wear can significantly affect the symptoms you experience with your vein health. Compression garments and wearing well-fitting clothes can help reduce swelling in your legs and alleviate symptoms of unhealthy veins. Also, comfortable, well-fitting clothes can allow blood to flow freely through your veins and slow the progression of venous disease.

Wintertime can challenge many people suffering from issues with their veins. But seeking professional help can give you access to groundbreaking treatments to help you get relief. If you want to learn more about protecting your vein health this winter, don’t hesitate to contact our office. Please schedule a consultation by calling us today at 301-979-7078.

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