Fighting Back Against Testicular Troubles

Mature Male Patient In Consultation With Doctor In Office Men can often overlook testicular health, but it remains an essential health concern nonetheless. It’s crucial for men to keep watch on their testicular health as they age, but even the most vigilant patient can miss something. Some men experience varicose veins in the testicles, which can create a host of issues if it goes unchecked. The Vascular Institute of Virginia understands that testicular health can be a sensitive issue. Our experts have many years of experience in treating patients with complications related to testicular health. While some practices may offer patients generic treatment strategies, we work hard to provide a personalized care plan to help restore your quality of life. Here are a few possible signs you may have varicoceles in your testicles and how we can help.


Experiencing testicular pain can be an infrequent occurrence as men age. However, consistent testicular pain can indicate a deeper issue. For instance, radiating testicular pain is one of the symptoms of varicoceles veins in the testes. If you’ve noticed a dull, aching pain after you’ve sat or stood for a while, it could be due to varicoceles. The best way to confirm this is to come to visit us and allow us to evaluate your condition and implement a treatment strategy to meet your needs.

Testicular Atrophy

The testes are an essential part of helping men produce testosterone and reproduce. When testicular health isn’t at its best, it can cause significant issues. If varicoceles are the reason behind poor testicular health, it can expose you to the possibility of testicular atrophy. Men who suffer from testicular atrophy commonly report changes in testicle size, namely smaller testicles in many cases. Although testicular atrophy generally resolves in adolescence, older men usually need professional intervention to help correct testicular atrophy.

How We Can Help

The team of the Metropolitan Vascular Institute understands the sensitive nature of men’s health and can provide industry-leading treatments to help relieve pain and improve testicular health. For example, if you’re suffering from varicoceles in the testicles, we can employ a treatment strategy called Varicocele Embolization. This innovative procedure allows benefits such as not needing an incision or general anesthesia and allowing shorter recovery times so you can get back to enjoying the things you love without pain. The first step in reaping the benefits is to schedule a consultation with our Waldorf office by calling us today at 301-979-7078.

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