AV Graft Vs AV Fistula: What’s The Difference?

Mid adult female nurse injecting patient for renal dialysis treatment in hospital room Your kidneys are essential in helping your body function at its best. They are responsible for helping to keep your blood free of toxins and help turn your waste into urine. When your kidneys fail, it becomes a dangerous, life-threatening issue that requires immediate medical intervention. Medical experts have several tools to support your body and keep the condition from worsening. Doctors’ standard methods of treating kidney failure patients can include an AV Fistula or an AV Graft. While both procedures aim to assist blood flow in kidney failure patients, a few differences determine the appropriate procedure. Here are some points on how the AV Fistula and AV Graft procedures work and which one may be appropriate for your needs.

What is an AV Fistula

An AV Fistula is a procedure that aids the process of kidney dialysis. Its goal is to make the dialysis process run more efficiently by connecting an artery and vein through a minimally invasive procedure. Many medical professionals prefer to use AV Fistula procedures because they typically make it easier to access veins, aiding in the dialysis process. Other advantages of an AV Fistula procedure can include

  • Reducing the likelihood of infection
  • Less potential for clotting
  • Shorter recovery times
  • Optimal blood flow

What is an AV Graft

In some situations, not every patient is a suitable fit for an AV Fistula procedure. For instance, If your doctor recommends an AV Graft procedure, it could mean that your veins are too small or weak to support an AV Fistula, and an AV Graft could be a better option. Like an AV Fistula, an AV Graft aims to connect an artery to a vein. However, the crucial difference is that an AV Graft involves inserting a synthetic tube to accomplish the job. The advantages of AV Grafts are that they are typically ready for insertion much faster than AV Fistula and are relatively easy to insert.

Deciding on which procedure works for your situation is best left to experienced professionals such as the team of the Metropolitan Vascular Institute. We have many years of experience in AV Fistula and AV Graft procedures and can provide the treatment that best suits your needs. The first step is to contact our Waldorf office. Please schedule a consultation by calling us at 301-979-7078.

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